Thoughts On “Chiara Ferragni: Unposted”


As a fashion girl I really enjoy watching fashion documentaries and so I just got done watching the Amazon Prime Video’s latest – “Chiara Ferragni: Unposted“. The film on the life of The Blonde Salad Blogger, Entrepreneur and Digital Influencer Chiara Ferragni which released internationally on November 29th 2019.

I was always aware of her influence in the fashion and blogging scene. I admired her and yet as a brown Indian Muslim woman I couldn’t relate to her life or style.

What a fascinating story regardless! A woman carving her own path, and making it big is always gonna inspire women everywhere else.

I was obsessed with her makeup in the entire documentary. I think a person is beautiful when they learn to bring out the best version of themselves through cosmetics and personal style, and learn to admire their own unique beauty.

I really admire the part where Chiara and her husband share why they chose to share photos and videos of their son Leo. Chiara is who she is today because of the authenticity of her content.

Although I couldn’t help but wonder how a successful woman can impact the lives of billions of others around the world. How women like Chiara carved the way for many other to come forward and share their stories, impacting the life of someone like me.

The documentary shares some powerful bits of Chiara’s life and yet leaves you wanting more, like a very enticing trailer.

The courage of Chiara, the first fashion influencer in the world to crave out this journey definitely has left its mark on this world and thanks to that today there are many women from different paths of life who share their lives online including me, in the hope to leave our impact on this world in our own unique ways and for that I am grateful <3.

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