Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Handbag By Urs Fischer

Imagine a person sitting in a cafe, sipping coffee/tea and browsing the web on their cell phone or laptop. They see something on the screen that makes them almost spit out the drink! LOL! That’s how reacted when I first saw this bag – the Louis Vuitton Artycapucines BB handbag by URS Fischer! Over the years Louis Vuitton has done a lot limited edition artist collaborations. The bag below is the result of their latest collaboration with New York based artist Urs Fischer.

ARTYCAPUCINES BB Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Handbag by New York based artist URS FISCHER
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People seem to fear art. Art has always been a word for this thing that can’t be rationalized; when you see or hear something that you struggle to explain. But that’s its strength, of course, that’s what the word “art” is for.

—Urs Fischer

A Swiss born artist based in New York, Urs Fischer has been described by the arts and culture magazine Vault as “internationally celebrated” and one of the most significant contemporary artists working today. You can check out more of his work on the official Urs Fischer Website. Art aficionados and collectors familiar with Urs Fischer’s work will easily be able to identify this bag design as his.

Urs Fischer’s Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Capucine Handbag

The idea behind Urs Fischer’s limited edition Capucine is to convert the classic Capucine bag into a hanging sculpture. The bag comes with 6 silicone accessories on chain – Strawberry, Banana, Apple, Mushroom, Carrot, and an Egg! There are metal rings one on the bottom and on the side to attach the charms. This limited edition bag is listed on the official Louis Vuitton site, and you need to call a store for purchase, an option to purchase most of the exclusive and limited edition items.

White Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines  Bag in the Louis Vuitton Orange box with the silicone art hangings.
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As per the Louis Vuitton website:

“Urs Fischer’s limited edition ARTYCAPUCINES transforms a white Taurillon Capucines BB into a hanging sculpture with the addition of six hyper-realistic, hand-painted silicone pieces of fruit and vegetables. The pieces adorn either the bottom or the side of the bag by way of a super thin and delicate gold-plated brass chain.”

If you aren’t an art aficionado, this limited edition bag may seem silly and unnecessary. Priced at $11,400 CAD it’s truly a piece for a collector!

Would you consider buying something like this? Do you own any limited edition bags or art inspired by fashion? Let me know in the comments down below or over on my Instagram. I would love to know your thoughts. If you like this post, check out more Fashion content here.

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