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As Muslims we are allowed to pray anywhere but are encouraged to pray in congregation with Jama’h. The peace and tranquility you feel in a Mosque or any prayer or meditation space is unlike anything else. There are barely any Mosques in South East Asia, i.e. India, Pakistan & Bangladesh, with designated prayer space for women, and so most women pray in their homes.

When I moved to Toronto, I went for Eid Salah in a mosque. That was my first time praying with Jamah and the feeling was unlike anything else. I was so overwhelmed with love and I remember crying tears of joy. After that I made it a point to go for Jumah prayers in mosques when possible, and going for Taravih during Ramadan. The feeling of oneness with the Ummah, the community is unlike anything else.

The husband and I has made a little tradition where we try and pray Jummah prayers in a Mosque while we travel. During one of our travels I got to pray Salah in Dubai mall. The women’s prayer area is one of the most beautiful places I have ever prayed in!

After all of these experiences, I always wanted to have a designated prayer room in my home. The husband and I were supposed to move into a new apartment next month, which may not be possible now due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

Most of the mosques in the world including the Haram in Mecca & Madina have closed down to stop the spread of the virus. Pictures of the Kaaba being completely empty of pilgrims are all over the web and social media. We don’t know when we will be able to stop the social distancing and when things will go back to normal. All this has made my resolve to have a designated prayer room even stronger.

Today I just want to share some of the things I would like to have in my little home Masjid and some inspiration pictures from my Pinterest home inspiration board, hoping it may inspire you to have a designated prayer/spiritual section in your home.

Qibla Marker:

I love how hotels in Saudi Arabia and UAE have little Qibla markers (direction muslims pray towards). It’s so much easier for travellers. It would serve the same purpose in your home when you have visitors and guests. I wouldn’t even mind having one in my home guest room.

Prayer Mats:

I prefer having prayer mats instead of carpeted floors in the prayer room at home. There is just something beautiful about taking out your prayer mat, laying it on the floor. A little mental prep to get ready to stand up in front of god and attempting to build a connection. Its also nice and encouraging for kids to have their own little prayer mats, to get excited for prayers. I prefer more contemporary designs, and there are so many beautiful options available out there.

Book Shelf & Storage Space:

A place where you can store or display Quran and other religious or spiritual books, your prayer mats, Tasbih or prayer beads, skull caps for the men in the family and hijabs or prayer scarves for the women.

Bukhoor, Oud Or Fragrance Diffuser:

Have you noticed how all religious and spiritual spaces have a clean beautiful smell? One of the very memorable things to me about Mecca & Madina is the smell of Bukhoor. I love perfumes and fragrances. I always make sure my home is smelling clean and fresh. I love using scented candles, incense sticks and bukhoor for home. I would love to have some Oud and Bukhoor for my home prayer room to give it that distinct scent that reminds me of Mecca.

Decorative Accents:

I love minimalistic designs, there are so many beautiful traditional and contemporary Islamic prints available out there. The beauty of Islamic calligraphy is unmatched. I even like the simple prayer mat illustration and the Islamic Landmarks Prints in the picture below by the very talented FENNVV

Do you have a prayer area in your home? Did this post inspire you to create one?
What would you like to have in your prayer space?
Let me know if the comments down below.

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