Luxury Designer Home Decor: Louis Vuitton Trunks

The husband and I are planning to move into our new home soon so I have been obsessively pinning inspiration images on Pinterest. I think the first time I saw Vintage Louis Vuitton travel trunk being used as a coffee table was on Pinterest a few years ago, and thought it was a really cool idea.

I love my designer wear and so I was looking for designer homeware and decor inspiration, which lead me to once again discover images on Louis Vuitton Trunks being used as furniture and in home decor. I think its a stunning idea and I would love to somehow incorporate it in my home. A lot of images I found on Pinterest are of Vintage Louis Vuitton trunks. I have also recently noticed some vintage trunks in various Louis Vuitton stores being used to display the merchandise.

The husband and I have a very similar taste in decor. We both love modern, luxe and minimalistic style, so even though I love the idea of incorporating trunks into my decor, I still want it to be more modern and minimalistic.

While I searched for inspiration pictures online, I found lots of vintage, country style decor where designer – mostly Louis Vuitton, some Goyard and a lot of non designer vintage and new trunks being styled as coffee table, night stand, side table or just decor elements.

Louis Vuitton started as a trunk and travel luggage company and to this they offer a selection of exceptional trunks including some made to order special pieces.

Read/scroll on for some of the inspiration images which I found and love. The images that are closest to my imagination are from a couple of very exclusive exhibitions held by Louis Vuitton in the past few years.

The first one is from L’Apartment Louis Vuittion, a special exhibition held in Singapore in November 2016

The following images are from Kezia Karin’s Super Project for 2019 Louis Vuitton Exotic Leather Collection.

Article Hero Image
Slideshow Image
Slideshow Image
Slideshow Image

I love how flawlessly the trunk is incorporated as a coffee table and console table in the otherwise very contemporary apartment.

While searching for these images I also came across Louis Vuitton Malle Fleurs – A Flower Trunk. As per the official website “A romantic piece rooted in Louis Vuitton history, the Malle Fleurs is a reinterpretation of an iconic piece created in the 1910s for our very best clients: the flower trunk. The water-resistant metallic tray and Vuittonite lining mean that flowers, water, or soil can be put in the tray without damaging it.” I think it’s a stunning way to incorporate the trunk in your decor if the giant trunk is a bit much for you.

Here are some more inspiration pictures for both modern are country style decor:

Casa señorial en Milán
Covet my coffee table: with stylist Steve Cordony
LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Malle Courrier Lozine 110 367296
LV Luggage. Like this decor concept of the old luggage as a night stand.
LOUIS VUITTON                                                                                                                                                                                 More
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louis vuitton canvas trunk
Antique Daumier Steamer Trunk - FORSYTH
Louis trunk as a table. I literally just gasped for air because of this beautiful trunk.  Baby I need this please.

What do you think? Would you consider having one in your home? Do you already have one? Let me know in the comments down below.

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