Ramadan Decor Inspiration And Tips – Quarantine Edition

Ramadan Kareem everyone! Hope you are all safe and well.

Ramadan this year feels very different with the world wide lockdown, there are no congressional prayers, or Iftaar parties! It was hard for me to get in to the spirit of Ramadan this year. I have been decorating my space forRamadan and Eid for the past few years and I absolutely love it and so I had planned this post way in advance and it was supposed to go live a couple of weeks before Ramadan but somehow didn’t feel like posting it.

On the eve of Ramdan I saw Salaam Sudduf‘s Insta stories where she shared her Ramadan Decor and it suddenly changed my mood. I gathered stuff that I already had at home and did a little DIY to decorate my room and it definitely uplifted my mood and got me into the Ramadan spirit. I really think a clean and beautiful space can uplift your mood easily. It always works for me and makes me feel productive and accomplished. Whenever my home is clean, smells good and is decorated, it automatically puts me in a better mood.

Here are some of my tips to decorate your home for Ramadan if you haven’t already:

*If you are unable to buy things, make use of what you have at home and do some DIYs. The easiest DIYs are Ramadan Banners and it makes a huge difference in setting up the mood.

  1. Ramadan Banner: I love banners since it ties the whole theme of your festive decor. I wasn’t able to buy any due to the lockdown so I just did a quick little DIY and stuck it on the Bath & Body Work Candles that I already had on display. You can even get the alphabet balloons, and spell out Ramadan with it, although I prefer banner over balloons for Ramadan since you need it to last a month.
  2. Fairy Lights: Get lots of fairy lights, preferably in the star and moon shape. Fairy lights are very festive already, you can select an area in your home to be a focal point or decorate your entire home. Lanterns are another easy way to make your Ramadan Decor look festive. If you don’t have any and are unable to buy some then you can skip this step.
  3. Moon and Stars: I scored a giant moon shaped mirror and another one with fairy lights a couple of years ago from Anthropology. I also got a moon cycle banner, they always seem to have these moon themed items and they work beautifully. In my last years decor I got some mirror effect star shaped stickers off of Amazon, together with my moon mirror they made a nice set. I don’t have access to those things this year since they are in my storage closet in Toronto. If like me, you can’t buy stuff due to lockdown, this is another easy DIY that you can do. I feel moon and star decoration makes the perfect Ramadan theme.
  4. Oud Burners & Scented Candles: You can use either or, depending on the availability. I like using both. I love Oud smell, it always reminds of praying in Mecca & Medina. You can even use incense sticks, have the space smelling good every evening right before Iftaar.
  5. Date Box: You can use any pretty container you like and fill it with dates.
  6. Other Accent Pieces: I like printing out my favourite Dua (Prayers) and displaying it in a pretty frame. It’s an easy DIY. There are lots of Etsy sellers who sell beautiful Islamic art and calligraphy prints that you can buy and print at home. You can gather any other objects and pieces that you like and add it to your decor.

Here are some pictures of my very minimal Ramadan Decor. Please pardon my amateur photography skills.

I will be reposting some vendors that I like and lots of Ramadan Decor inspiration and on my Insta Story. You can check it out on my Instagram @lilysthoughts__

How is your Ramadan going so far? Have you decorated your home for Ramadan? I would love to know! Please let me know in the comments down below.

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