Luxury Home Decor Accent: Framed Hermès Silk Scarves

As a fashion connoisseur, I believe your personal style should extend to every aspect of your life. If you have seen my other posts on Luxury Home Decor, then you know probably know that the Husband and I have been preparing to move to our new apartment and hence I have been on a hunt for all things I want and need for the new place.

Anyone who has any interest in luxury fashion wouldn’t be a stranger to the Hermès brand name. The crème de la crème of luxury fashion houses, most well known for their Birkin Bag, the french luxury fashion houses offers a whole range of luxury homeware including home textiles, wallpapers, lighting, furniture, tableware and so much more. Their H Logo Avalon Throw Blankets & Pillows are spotted regularly in luxury home photos on social media and interior design sources but as you may have guessed from the title, this post isn’t about the homeware range.

Framing Hermes Scarves on
Image Via Paula Rallis

Hermès first introduced their silk scarves (or carrés in french) in the year 1937. Already a 100 year old firm at that point, their newest offering was an instant hit. They have produced over 2000 unique scarf designs over the years, with new designs being added every season. The newest this season are the Double Face Scarves, featuring prints on both sides.

With thousands of designs produced over the years and Hermès’s luxury clientele, some of the designs have become highly sought after and are something of a collectors items. The Hermès Scarf Aficionados happily pay way over retail for some of the rare designs.

I don’t know how and when framing silk scarves became a thing and how and when I found out about it but Framed Hermès Silk Scarves definitely make beautiful luxury accent pieces in my opinion.

With the nano scarf (Measures 7.8″ x 7.8″) starting at CAD $145 (USD $100) a piece, the Hermès scarves are avaible in a multitude of sizes, material and price range.

Here are some of the inspiration pictures of framed silk scarves that I found and love:

Semerjian Interiors - Main Line Modern
Image Via Pinterest
How to Frame Your Vintage Hermés Scarf - Paula Rallis
Image Via Paula Rallis
dying over the framed scarf
Image Via Pinterest

Below are some of the designs I like from the current collection available on the official Hermès website and my thoughts behind picking them.

I have mentioned the names of each design along with the name of the designer. The number after each scarf name depicts the dimension of the scarf (eg. Projets Carres 140 – Scarf Dimension 140X140 CM). The website also shares the story behind some of design and name of the designer/s on the product page which I have added along, since I had fun learning about the inspiration behind the designs and I thought you might enjoy it too.

When I think of Hermès, I automatically think of this bright orange colour and hence the first 3 designs I picked are from their selection of the iconic bright orange. I think they will great to add a nice pop of colour in any neutral room.

zoom image, Projets Carres scarf 140
Projets Carres – Image Via Hermes

The one pictured above is called “Projets Carres 140” – Designed by Henri d’Origny

The Story behind: “Arranged on squared design paper, the composition presents objects from the Émile Hermès museum or the reserve collection. Bits, fillets, straps, bridles, stirrups, spurs, mane combs… even small horse-hair fly-whisks, and plaited leather handles: the full panpoly of accessories for the well-dressed horse is present and correct!”

I love this one because of all the equestrian bits which are so reminiscent of the Hermès history.

zoom image, Hermes Sellier scarf 45
Hermes Sellier – Image Via Hermes

Hermes Sellier scarf 45 – Designed by Benoît-Pierre Emery

The Story behind: “A secret garden lies hidden atop the Hermes store on the Faubourg Saint-Honoré. This refined carre evokes a miniature, classical/modern, French-style garden with geometric, symmetrically arranged beds framed by wooden hurdles. The ensemble is organized around the 1930s typeface of the Hermes-Sellier logo that greets the city stroller from the very top of the building.”

I love this just because of the Hermès -Sellier logo on the iconic bright orange!

zoom image, Please, Check-In scarf 90
Please, Check-In – Image Via Hermes

Please, Check-In scarf 90 – Designed by Dimitri Rybaltchenko

The Story behind: “It might not be customary to look inside a woman’s bag, but the Please, Check-In scarf pays no heed to convention and humorously scans a passenger’s Kelly bag, revealing her secrets. Souvenirs, a keyring, a lucky charm, a passport and lipstick… the X-ray reveals a little of its owner’s personality along with the entire structure of the bag: its fastenings, padlock and key-holder, its base studs, and even the contours of the little twilly tied to its handle. The Hermes journey can now begin.”

I absolutely love this one for multiple reasons! The name of the design, the orange colour, the travel theme and the x ray scan of the iconic Kelly bag! All this elements make this such an iconic design. I think this one will definitely become a sought after piece sooner or later and only gain in value. I also absolutely love it in the neutral taupe colour (pictured below) I think this one would make such a cool edition to your dressing area or walk in closet.

zoom image, Please, Check-In scarf 90
Please, Check-In – Image Via Hermes

The following designs are all black and white/neutral, two most favourite colours. If black is a colour option, I rarely pick any other colour. Luckily the husband loves black as much as I do and so we have decided to keep a very neutral black and white palette for our home interior.

zoom image, Couvertures et Tenues de Jour Bandana shawl 140
Couvertures et Tenues de Jour Bandana shawl – Image Via Hermes

Couvertures et Tenues de Jour Bandana shawl 140 (The designer name isn’t mentioned for this one)

The Story behind: “Marked with the numbers of their owners, increasing patterns and colours: The Couvertures et Tenues de Jour are a glimpse at equestrian elegance. Carefully framed by leather straps, each of these horses is covered with a special blanket because each event of the day – the stable, the waiting, the presentation… – requires an appropriate outfit.”

Available in 2 colours, pictured above and below, these two are my absolute favourites because of the intricate details in the print, the symmetry and the neutral colours. I think they will look great framed side by side in any room.

zoom image, Couvertures et Tenues de Jour Bandana shawl 140
Couvertures et Tenues de Jour Bandana shawl – Image Via Hermes
zoom image, Mediterranee giant satin scarf
Mediterranee giant satin scarf – Image Via Hermes

Mediterranee giant satin scarf – (Dimensions: 115 x 115 cm) The website hasn’t mentioned the designer name or the story behind this print but this is the one I am most likely to buy and frame.  I love the neutral colour palette, the simple stripe design and the brand name written in tiny fonts. It’s so understated yet so chic and something that will remain a classic because of the timeless geometric design. This one is also available in a beautiful gold brown colour called Tabac but I prefer the black.

zoom image, Petit Duc scarf 140
Petit Duc scarf – Image Via Hermes

Petit Duc scarf 140 – Designed by Christian Renonciat

The Story behind: “Petit-Duc was a famous carriage designed by Alfred de Dreux that Hermès made its emblem. Christian Renonciat thought it would be a fun challenge to track down the original technical drawings from the period, analyze the mysteries of the structure point by point, and recompose the design in the manner of an engineer, complete with diagrams and front, side, bottom and detail views. He clearly took as much delight in reconstituting the design as in listing the details of the equipage in deliciously old-fashioned language that evokes a lost world of leaf springs and kingpins. The spoked wheel is made of ash and hornbeam wood. The lacquerware is highlighted in fine strokes; the mud guards are almost calligraphic. By the mid 19th century the art of the cartwright and carriage maker was at its zenith. Beyond technique and usage, elegance was the watchword.”

I initially picked this one because of the colour but I absolutely love the story behind the design. The technical drawing of the cart, the geometric and mechanical details, the handwritten notes, all of these elements make this design look so cool. Another one I am most likely to get.

What are your thoughts? Do you own any Hermès scarves? Would you consider framing one for your home? Which ones do you like the most from the ones I picked? I would love to know your thoughts in the comment down below or on my Instagram @lilysthought__

PS. DM me If you are one or know of an Hermès scarf aficionado, I would love to chat and learn more.

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