How To Create A Content Calendar For Your Business Or Blog: A Step By Step Guide

Being a social media and e commerce professional, I come across a lot of social media accounts everyday of small and large businesses, bloggers and content creators. While some of them manage to gain large following, I see a lot of accounts struggling to have a strategy, especially start ups, and small businesses or bloggers who are just starting out as hobby bloggers hoping to turn it into a full time gig one day.

If you are reading this, chances are, you are just starting out as a business or a blog and are looking for the right strategy to get things moving. A content calendar in my opinion is where you should start!

Working in the digital space for the past 5 years with various businesses and consulting projects has helped me gain a lot of insights on some strategies that work well. In my experience having a content calendar is the easiest way to plan all your content as a business or a blogger.

My Top 3 Reasons For Having A Content Calendar:

  1. Getting Organised: Any business or blog will have a specific kind of products/content and customer/audience. Instead of randomly posting content on your social media or blog, make a plan on what you want to post and when. This will help you stay relevant, avoid missing any important opportunities or deadlines, plan various promotions and help you provide very valuable and curated content to your audience.
  2. Creating a strategy: Once you have laid out what you want to post, you can plan everything you need to create that content, have enough time to make any changes if necessary and have it ready before the deadline. This will also help you use various automation platforms like or Hootsuite where you can schedule your content for a whole month in a matter of few hours, and to automatically go live at specific time everyday.
  3. Evaluating What Works: Once you have a posting schedule you keep up with, you will be able to gain reliable data from it. You will be able to evaluate various things like the kind of content your audience engages with the most, best time to post your content, the best time to plan and post promotional content etc.

Steps To Create A Content Calendar:

  1. Select A Platform: Start with a platform for your calendar. You can create an excel sheet, google sheet, download a free content calendar available online or use any digital or paper planner. My favourite is Asana. It’s a a project management platform that makes it easy to manage tasks, get organised, work with teams and keep track of deadlines.
  2. Evaluate Your Audience: Who are you catering to? This is one of the most important question you need to answer to create effective content. Eg. The country you are in, the timezone, what holidays do your audience observe, what interests them? This will help you decide what to post and when and to never miss any important events and holidays.
  3. Decide Post Frequency: How frequently you post will differ on the kind of content you have and any promos you want to do. For example, you may want to post more often during holiday season or peak sale season if you are a business. As a blogger I post twice a week on my blog/website.
  4. Plan Content: Once you know your audience and the frequency of posts you want, you can get to actually deciding what you want to post. This is the stage you start using your calendar.
    • Start with the month you are in and mark down all the important national and other holidays that your audience follow. This is very important since a lot of marketing strategies are based around holidays.
    • Mark down any other events that your audience is interested in. This could include any sporting events, music festivals or cultural gatherings. Posting relevant content during these events can help you engage with your audience and stay relevant.
    • List seasonal content and add to calendar. Eg. Fall must haves, summer accessories etc.
    • Add content ideas for each month. You may only be able to plan this for a month at a time but it’s a great way to keep tab of things.
    • List down any other important promos, sales and marketing content that you want to promote during each month.
  5. Implement & Reevaluate: The above steps will help you plan any photo shoots you need to do, or marketing campaign you need to implement for all your posts in advance. Based on what works for you, you can always reevaluate and change things around in your calendar based on your findings.

Hope these tips help you plan and create content more efficiently. Connect with me on Instagram to keep up with updates on new blog posts and more fun content.


Step By Step Guide On How To Create A Content Calendar


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