Story Time: My First Designer Handbag

In today’s post I want to share the story of how I got my first designer handbag. I always wanted my first designer handbag to be a very classic and iconic one. If you have any interest in designer bags, you know the top 3 – The Holy Trinity of designer brands – Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. I wanted to pick one from these 3 brands only!

Options For My First Designer Handbag:

Louis Vuitton Speedy makes the perfect first designer bag in my opinion because of the entry level price point and the history of this iconic bag. I have done a whole blog post on it (You can find it here). I loved the speedy monogram but didn’t care for the untreated cowhide leather handles since they stains so easily. The My LV World Tour version wasn’t available then, otherwise that would have been my first choice and I didn’t like any other versions of the speedy available at the time.

Hermès wasn’t an option because of the extremely high price point of their iconic bags – The BKC. (Birkin, Kelly and Constance) I didn’t care to spend a fortune on any of their lesser known bags, and again, the price point made it less desirable for me at the time.

Chanel classic flap is my most favourite bag of all times. While the price point of this wasn’t wasn’t affordable brand new, the vintage and preloved market made it fairly accessible and so I had set my mind on a vintage Chanel classic flap. It was something I could save up for and afford eventually at the time. Although I had very specific requirements for my first vintage Chanel classic flap handbag.

Requirements For My First Vintage Chanel Classic Flap:

A black classic flap bag with gold hardware in medium size

-It had to be in an excellent condition (A requirement for all my vintage and pre loved bags actually!)

-It had to come with all the original packaging- the box, the dust bag, the authenticity card!

-And the last one that made it so difficult to get! – It had to be a 1XXXXXX series bag!

The Thought Process:

Most people never want to get rid of their first designer handbag because of sentimental reasons, and I am no different. I wanted it to become an heirloom bag, something I can pass it on to my future generation. In my research I found that you can get vintage and pre loved bags in excellent condition with al the original packaging, so this became a non negotiable requirement for me. Another thing that attracted me was the craftsmanship of the vintage Chanel bags and the gold plated hardware.

You can find quite a few vintage Chanel classic flap bags in mint condition with original packaging but the thing that made it difficult for me to find my perfect bag was the serial number! Each Chanel bag come with a serial numbers that reveals what year the bag was made in. Series 1 bags were made during the years 1989 -1991, and I was born in 1989! I wanted this iconic bag to be as old me and wouldn’t settle for anything less lol!

The Hunt:

First step I took was to set up an email notification on eBay for Vintage Chanel Classic flap so they would me every time a new Chanel listing went up! Next thing I needed to do was to make sure I had enough the money saved up and ready. A Vintage Chanel Classic Flap in medium cost around $3000 in excellent condition at the time.

Months went by and nothing came up. Around holiday season I gave in to the SALE temptations and I spent the Chanel Bag savings, thinking I wouldn’t need it anytime soon. Big Mistake! A few weeks after I found the perfect Chanel! It met all my requirements and the bag was in mint condition! 😍 Price? $4000! Lol! Obviously I couldn’t afford it because it was way over my budget and I didn’t even have the bag savings. Safe to say I was heartbroken.

My Vintage Dior Saddle Bag

I have always been a fashion girl, you know the one. The one who always dresses differently than the crowd, the one everyone goes to for style and shopping advice. The one who seldom cares for trends. Chance are you are one too if you are reading this post. I always wore things before they became trends. One vivid memory of an example – I remember being in high school and stacking bracelets and my girls friends asking me why? Later on it became a huge trend! Lol!

The Instagram world of influencers has a lot of very similar viral content. A lot of the viral fashion content on social media is influenced and driven by trends. While it’s all beautiful, no doubt, it lacks personality in my opinion. I love following fashion girls who are unique, who don’t care for trends, they create trends! They wear what they love and stay true to their style despite of trends. While I type this, I think I need to do a list of my favourite accounts of such original fashionistas who I follow and love.

The Twist:

Time for the twist in my bag story! One of these original fashionista I follow is MelSoldera! In 2017 (I had to look up the video to check the year!) she posted a video about her vintage bag collection. By this point, I had made myself very familiar with all the tips and tricks of buying vintage because of the hunt for my perfect vintage Chanel. She showed her Christian Dior saddle bag in that video and mentioned what an iconic bag it is. Melissa in her video mentioned how you can get Dior trotter print and saddle bags at a steal price because nobody is looking for them. This was a year before Dior reissued the Saddle bag.

My Fist Designer Handbag – The Dior Saddle bag:

Out of curiosity I searched for a Dior Saddle Bag on eBay and found one in mint condition in the trotter/oblique print canvas and silver hardware, priced at around $300! It even came with a matching wallet that the seller insisted on selling it as a set! I didn’t care about the wallet since the bag was in mint condition, came with the authenticity card and original dust bag and not to mention a steal price!

NOBODY was wearing the saddle bag at the time, but I BOUGHT THE BAG! It’s such an iconic bag, with a very unique design. This was at least a year before Dior released the reissue. After receiving the bag, I barely used it at the time. Once I broke the first bag barrier, I indulged in multiple designer bags after didn’t think much of it.

Dior Saddle Reissue:

Dior released the reissue Saddle bag in June 2018. All the bloggers and IT girls were gifted the reissue version by Dior and you couldn’t scroll through Instagram without seeing it! It made me feel like I won the vintage game! The vintage saddle bags starting costing upwards of $1000 on eBay and other preloved sites! The mint condition and monogram version like mine can go upwards for $1500 and more!

Today when I look back and think of my first designer handbag, I smile every time. Eventually I gave up on finding the perfect vintage classic flap and got a brand new from the store (first birthday gift from the husband), and even though it remains my all time favourite bag, my Dior Saddle remains on the favourite list and it definitely is a very iconic bag as my first designer bag and it will be treasured forever.

What was your first designer bag and what’s your first designer bag story? Let me know in the comments down below or over on my Instagram. I would love to know.

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