3 Hermès Bags That Aren’t BKC

Almost every luxury designer handbag lover dreams of having a Birkin, Kelly and Constance! The iconic “BKC” from Hermès. Luxury lovers are familiar with the multitude of games you needs to play to be offered a Birkin. (or a Kelly or Constance). Today I want to suggest 3 bags from Hermès that aren’t BKC and you never know, getting these might even help you get a BKC!

Hermès specialises in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewellery, watches and ready-to-wear. A tried and tested way to be offered a Birkin is to spend almost as much as the cost of a BKC on other Hermès items. My experience in the Mumbai store and my chats with fellow luxury lovers confirms this theory. If you are trying to get a Birkin, I recommend you check out other items that aren’t the BKC! This will definitely increase your chances of getting the coveted Birkin, Kelly or Constance!

One of the items I love is Hermès silk. Their scarves are almost like art pieces. My favourite way to use them is by framing them as luxury home decor. If you don’t care for other Hermès items and would rather get a handbag, then checkout my top Hermès bag recommendations that aren’t the BKC.

3 Hermès Bags Other Than Birkin, Kelly Or Constance:

Hermès Lindy:

Hermès Lindy in Black with silver hardware
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Birkin may be almost impossible to get but Lindy isn’t! It’s very unique 3 handle design, is reason enough for you to want to add this bag to your collection. This all leather bag is available is new colours every season.

“A nod to the Lindy Hop, a famous American street dance from the 1920s, this soft leather piece lends engages in a wild dance. The handles located on the small side which fold the faces of the bag give it its oh-so atypical shape and hugs the curves of the body. An ode to material and upbeat tribute to the Year of Dance, the Lindy bag moves and grooves intensely. “

The Story Behind – Hermès

Hermès 2002 Bag:

Hermès 2002 Bag with silver hardware
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If you love Hermès Constance, chances are, you might love the 2002 bag too due to it’s very similar silhouette. Instead of the in your face H logo closure of the constance, the 2002 has a very understated closure. It’s futuristic cool H is made of 2 pieces of a circle and a square. Originally designed in 1972, the bag’s modern design still makes it relevant and timeless. It has been recently reissued by the french luxury house.

“With its rounded H inscribed in a circle, this resolutely modern line revisits a 1972 design: called the Hermès 2002, a date which, at the time, evoked dreams of the future. A goldsmith’s masterpiece featuring an already-emblematic clasp, these purses and wallets are mini-time machines ready to go “bag to the future.”

The Story Behind – Hermès

Hermès Herbag:

Hermès Herbag in black
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The Herbag silhouette seems very familiar due to its trapezoid body, the top handle and flap closure similar to the iconic Kelly. The major differentiating factor is the canvas body of the Herbag. The canvas body with the leather flap gives it a casual chic look, unlike the Kelly which is very formal. Priced approximately around $3000 USD the Herbag is a beautiful Hermès bag to own.

“From its straps and key fobs to its central “clou de selle” clasp, this dynamic line, canvas with a genuine leather flap, pays homage to the emblems of the house. The free-spirited Herbag pieces are athletes at heart. “

The Story Behind – Hermès

What do you think of these 3 Hermès bags that aren’t BKC? Do you like any other Hermès bag besides the BKC and my top 3 suggestions? I would love to know in the comments down below or over on my Instagram. Thank you for dropping by.

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