Luxury Home Decor: Hermès Scarf Display System

Hermès originally introduced their silk scarves in the year 1937. These scarves have been loved by luxury lovers all over the world even to this day and remains a classic. There are multiple ways to use Hermès silk scarves but using it as an art piece is still my favourite way. It adds an instant touch of luxury to your home decor.

Remember this post about framing Hermès silk scarves as art pieces? I was searching the #HermesScarf on Instagram and came across a picture by fellow luxury lover @myhcatalog. A picture of a beautiful Hermès scarf hung on a wall with clasps. Her captioned mentioned that it was a scarf hanging kit.

I was instantly intrigued and asked her where she got the scarf hanging kit from?! She said its from the Hermès boutique! It was a revelation to me lol! An Hermès product I was completely unaware of! I instantly started researching since I wanted to know everything about it!

Hermes scarf on a scarf display system.

Hermès Scarf Display System

Priced at approximately USD $600 this wall hanging system comprises of five (1 spare) “Clou de selle” magnets with cables and four wall mounts. The Magnet the scarf’s shape without damaging the silk. It also includes fCurrently only available in the silver hardware, I hope they introduce different hardware colour options to match various decor.

Where to get it

The Hermès Scarf Display System is available to purchase in Hermès boutiques worldwide. If you are an online shopper like me and wondering if it can be bought online, it’s currently only available on the official website in Hong Kong. You may also be able to find it on eBay and other luxury resellers. I was only able to find one, which I am linking here.

Why you need it

This kit allows you to hang your Hermès silk scarf like the work of art it is without damaging the silk. It gives you the freedom to switch between scarfs from your collection. You can instantly update your home decor as per seasons, different occasions or your mood. Framing it won’t give you the same freedom. It’s a must have for any Hermès scarf aficionado in my opinion.

Did you already know about this Hermès product? What are your thoughts? Would you consider getting one? Let me know in the comments down below or over on my Instagram, I would love to know!

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