Style Inspiration: Designer Ribbon Hair Tie

On my recent Pinterest escapade, I stumbled across this picture (below) of Brittany Xavier and I was instantly obsessed! What a neat idea to use designer ribbon as a hair tie. One of my favorite thing about street style is when people get creative with seemingly basic items and make it look fabulous! I love how she has reused the Chanel ribbon as a hair tie – a simple item used for all Chanel packaging when you make a purchase!

My designer hair ribbon is actually just ribbon from the box of my recent Chanel boy bag purchase! I decided to wear it in my hair since it was too cute to just toss aside… and I wanted to find another use for it.

I love everything about this shot! The hair, the open back white blouse, contrast black handbag and obviously the Chanel ribbon hair tie. Most of us luxury lovers like to save the beautiful designer boxes, bags and ribbons anyway, why not be creative and use it. I have seen lots of pictures of people displaying their designer boxes as accent pieces in their home decor too.

Clearly this isn’t a brand new trend, but it’s a neat little style trick that seems timeless. Keep scrolling for some more beautiful pictures of women using various designer ribbons including Miu Miu, Hermès Bolduc, Dior as hair ties, which I am sure will make you want to try this neat little trick.

Designer Ribbon Hair Tie Inspiration:

Beauty du JOUR: In drei Schritten zur einfachsten Festtagsfrisur aller Zeiten - Journelles
Delicately made with 100% authentic Hermès brown grosgrain ribbon. This luxe hair accessory is fixed to a small barrette for ease-of-wear and goes perfectly with a low ponytail or half up hairstyles. Fantastic for a special occasion! Each bow varies slightly in terms of positioning of the “Hermès”
I cut my hair this summer, but now I want to grow it out a little bit. I've been seeing a lot of pictures with girls with beautiful long hair and I...
Sydne Style shows ways to wear a bow ponytail with chanel ribbon for a hair diy

Here are some tips to get this look:

  1. For a neat look, use a steam iron to remove any wrinkles from the ribbon.
  2. Use a thin hair tie or bobby pins that matches your natural hair color to secure the hair. This way you don’t have to worry about the ribbon becoming loose.
  3. Use your designer ribbon and tie it over the rubber band. Secure it further with bobby pins if needed.
  4. Use some hair spray to set the look.
  5. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures for the gram 😀

What are your thoughts on this little street style inspiration? Are you tempted to try it yet? Let me know if the comments down below or over on my Insta. Check out my Pinterest for more pictures of designer ribbon hair tie. Click here to read more of my posts on Fashion. Thank you for stopping by.

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