Hermès Silk Scarf For Kids Room

Yes you read that right! I am actually talking about using Hermès silk scarves as a decor for your kids room! If you haven’t read my post on FRAMED HERMÈS SILK SCARVES and HERMÈS SCARF DISPLAY SYSTEM, I highly recommend you check it out.

I have been obsessed with Hermès silk scarves and learning about the inspiration behind each design. I frequently browse the Hermès website to check out what’s new. A few months ago I came across this design below called – A vos Crayonn and I instantly wanted to add it to my collection because I thought it’s a beautiful design to have in a Kids Room or Nursery.

Hermès A vos Crayons scarf

View: Flat, A vos Crayons scarf 45

The story behind

The author created this design when his son, who had just finished school, brought him his colored crayons and asked: “What am I going to do with all this?”. Arranged on a sheet of paper, the crayons evoke a colorful design that expresses a father’s love for his son.

The story behind this design, and the playful crayon print would convince any Hermès lover to add this piece to their collection. It’s such a fun way to add a little luxe touch to a kids room decor. I instantly messaged my Hermès Sales Associate (SA) asking for both the Blue and Pink versions of this since I don’t even have kids yet and so obviously couldn’t pink just one! LOL! My SA responded saying they didn’t have blue or pink but sent me other color options that she had. As luck would have it, she had the white color option, which I didn’t even know existed because that color option wasn’t available on the US website when I first saw it.

View: Flat, A vos Crayons scarf 45

This color option is even better in my opinion since its gender neutral. I obviously bought it right away and I am so happy to have this gorgeous piece of art in my collection. Since the size of this is only 45 cm, you can even display 2 or 4 of the same design in different colors or pair it with other 45 cm scarfs. I was almost tempted to get more than one color but I restrained! 😛 This will also make a great gift for any Hermes lover expecting a baby or already has kids.

Here are all the color options that are available (to my knowledge) for this design:

Here is another design that I came across, which I think is also a great piece for Kids room decor:

Les Trophees shawl 140

View: Flat, Les Trophees shawl 140

The story behind

“Who could this incredible collection of trophies belong to? A young athlete who faithfully adheres to the famous Latin phrase “a healthy mind in a healthy body”… An easy-going sense of humor emanates from this evocation. The pieces shine, the characters seem to come to life, ribbons, medals and banners twirl around. You can find the Saut Hermès trophy, the medal of a racing cyclist, a Formula 1 car, skates, a golfer, a fencer… and even a lifeguard’s certificate. It dates from 1895 and is none other than Émile Hermès who, diving into the Seine, saved three people from drowning. Faithful to the Hermes philosophy, this scarf features all kinds of sports.”

I think this design is perfect for any kids room, especially a kid who is into sports. This design is also available in a neutral white multi-color design, a hot pink and a red. My favorite is the neutral white with multi color design but I also absolutely love the blue.

You can get these framed or get yourself the Hermes scarf hanging system. Either way I think they would make a beautiful addition to any kids room decor. If you like Hermes than be sure to keep an eye out for designs that you can use in your home decor and has a story that speaks to you.

What are your thoughts on this idea? Would you consider getting these for your home? Let me know in the comments down below or over on my Instagram. I would love to know your thoughts.

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