Luxury Home Decor: Hermès Scarf Display System

Hermès originally introduced their silk scarves in the year 1937. These scarves have been loved by luxury lovers all over the world even to this day and remains a classic. There are multiple ways to use Hermès silk scarves but using it as an art piece is still my favourite way. It adds an instant [...]

10 Facts About Louis Vuitton Speedy And Why It’s The Ultimate First Luxury Bag Choice For Most People

Luxury aficionado or not, everyone knows the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas and their Speedy handbag. Among the top 3 luxury design houses, the iconic bags from Hermes (Birkin, Kelly & Constance) and Chanel (Classic Flap & 255) are leather and hence one of their most expensive bags, while Louis Vuitton's Canvas Speedy remains an [...]