Luxury Home Decor Accent: Framed Hermès Silk Scarves

As a fashion connoisseur, I believe your personal style should extend to every aspect of your life. If you have seen my other posts on Luxury Home Decor, then you know probably know that the Husband and I have been preparing to move to our new apartment and hence I have been on a hunt [...]

You Are Truly Missing Out If You Aren’t Following This Quarantine Fashion Account!

I have been an avid Instagram user for a few years. I started in 2012 with a personal account, then a blog account in 2014 which was part of my fashion school marketing assignment. It took a backseat in 2015 when I started working as a social media manager and started managing different accounts for [...]

A New Beginning…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.— Oscar Wilde. The quote above was a default prompt for the blog from WordPress but I like it so I am gonna leave it up there. 😀 I am a 30 year old, just got married this past June 2019 and moved back to Mumbai, India after living [...]